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AleyNa is an alternative music band, they already had a logo which was a simple typography but was reinforced with a dark and gloomy visual identity.

They asked me a logo which could adhere with their identity and using the same typography. I had to find a symbol.

With the idea of sharpening their identity, I asked them several question about their thoughts, about what their music symbolises. The main subject matter of their music is : fighting for rights, science, city life and apocalypse. After some research, I thought about the lambda symbol, which is also used for LGBT equality, respect, and for evolution in science (also used in a famous video game ;) ).

I edited the logo with the lambda symbol to make the style consistent with the previous typography used. It is now used as their main logo.

"I did research to find the perfect symbol for their band while adhering to their current visual identity"

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