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Grand Bleu Vacances is a website for holiday rentals that I designed while working at Definima.

I was in charge of the project alongside the web-marketing manager. The aim of the new website was to give a fresh look and to optimise the selling process for rentals. User experience was an important factor to consider before starting the design.

Research was done by observing competitors, I chose to change the colour scheme which is currently still being used. The blue was made lighter and a strong green was added for all the action buttons, as opposed to the red which previously used.

Initial statement

  • Huge user traffic in a very competitive industry
  • Need to be trustworthy to attract more clientele
  • The client (Grandbleu) needed to manage each rental and to create new ones without HTML/CSS skills

Solution provided

  • User Experience study
  • Revamp of the web design and creation of a new visual identity in order to distinguish from competitors
  • Established a consistency between the website and online advertising
  • Redesigned to make the research bar more prominent
  • Splited rentals between summer and winter
  • Made a design template simple enough to allow the company to manage content

Website :

"Grand Bleu was one of my biggest project at Definima"

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