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Le Puy dy Coteau

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Le Puy du Coteau is a French brand that exports local products to Japan. The owners, Alexandre and Franck, are expecting to open their first grocery in Tokyo by the end of 2016.

They came to me in order to create a visual identity - a logotype that would symbolise the local aspect of their brand.

I chose this shade of red as it alludes to Bordeaux's rich wine industry and its vineyards. Then, "Le Puy du Coteau" is a castle, the emblem of their brand, so I designed a stylised castle using photographies as inspiration.

I then proposed to do a simple website so that they would have an internet presence, and as a result, increase their market.

Initial statement

  • A name and the idea of a castle as an emblem
  • Needed to get a visual identity adapted for Japan and France
  • The customers only desired a logo to start their business

Solution provided

  • A logotype with a strong color alluding to Bordeaux, which can be trusted by French producers as well as Japanese customers
  • A responsive website to increase the reputability of their new brand by having an online presence

Visit them at

"I used a red wine color under a typical French castle to inspire the local and trustworthy brand culture."

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