Graphic design

Milo Joki

Posted in : Logo

I designed a logo for an electronic artist, his ideas were not defined, however, he mentioned keywords such as "dust", "stars", "minimalism" and the colour blue.

I started exploring the main elements - wind, fire, earth and water but my client wanted something more aerial.
With the process of evolving the logotype to understand his personality and music, we agreed on a solar system which could also be seen as a vinyl disc.

We then spent time on finding the perfect electric blue which could complete this logotype.

Initial statement

  • Only given a vague idea about dust and space
  • Desire for an clean and simple logo
  • Only black and white

Solution provided

  • Use of a vinyl disc mixed with a solar system
  • An electric blue added to the black and white to make the logo more vibrant

Thank you for your attention, why not see another one?