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One of the clients I worked with at Publicis was Mydesign, they are a brand that specialises in making personalised objects.They have stores throughout France and required a large variety of campaigns for each promotion.

I had to design a lot of advertisements to be sent for printing with tight deadlines, therefore both time management and quality were absolutely crucial.

I worked on this contract for 6 months and was the head graphic designer, teaming up with the project manager to understand the customer needs and to be as efficient as possible.

Initial statement

  • Only a color and a logo as a visual identity
  • Continuous commercial operations (at least 2 per week)
  • A need for a different creative idea for each operation
  • Fast-paced environment with tight deadlines

Solution provided

  • Being able to quickly understand the needs of the customer and to develop strong ideas
  • Designing and formatting document ready to be printed within 2 days
  • Working alongside the team to create a default template used for each campaign

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