Originally from Bordeaux in France, I dropped my luggages in Sydney, Australia.

From the begining of my memories, I remember being attracted to creativity. As many kids, I grew up with video games and got hooked by the creativity sweating in 8 and 16bits.

Since my dad was a painter, I got curious and started drawing my favorite characters. From there, time flew and few years later I got my first camera, then first reflex.

I then discovered Advertisement, Graphic Design, Street Art and the world of the 2000's French electronic music while doing my Bachelor's degree in Bordeaux.

After a fruitful internship at Leo Burnett Paris, I graduated from a Licence in Graphic Design and got hired at Definima, a web agency in France.

But I was too used to France and looking for new lands so I moved to Sydney in order to perfect my English and open my mind.

Today I work for HealthShare, a health tech company based in Bondi Junction, and use my various skills to promote our ideas through digital and printed media.

Jonathan Jato


  1. 2010-2014 — Definima, France
  2. 2010-2014 — Volunteer for Mandora
  3. 2013-2014 — Freelance in Australia
  4. 2014-2017 — Freelance in France
  5. 2017-present — HealthShare, Australia


  1. 2013 — Exhibition - Personal work, Bordeaux
  2. 2015 — Exhibition Onirism, Bordeaux
  3. 2016 — Exhibition Onirism, Dax


  1. 2009 — Graduated from MMI Bordeaux
  2. 2010 — Graduated from Ecran / Digital Campus Bordeaux