Jonathan Jato

Hey I'm Jonathan, nice to meet you.

I've been shipped from Bordeaux along with few bottles of red wine and some French humour.
In 2013 I put my luggage down in Sydney and after some back and forth, decided to stay.

You may often see me taking pictures in the streets, playing my Nintendo Switch in the train or drawing on my iPad in a park.

As almost everyone does, I enjoy traveling, discovering new things, learning and debating about anything and everything.
I can be kind of a nerd, but I guess I'm just curious. After all I grew up with a lot of foreign culture, either from my family, my friends or my travels.

I haven't changed much since my early days, I just have more beard now, and I still enjoy playing video games.


  1. 2011 — Graduated from Ecran / Digital Campus Bordeaux
  2. 2009 — Graduated from MMI Bordeaux


  1. 2016 — Photo Exhibition - Onirism, Dax
  2. 2015 — Photo Exhibition - Onirism, Bordeaux
  3. 2013 — Photo Exhibition - Personal work, Bordeaux

Skillset & Tools

My skillset ranges from portraiture photography to web development, video and animation production, UI, visual design as well as conducting user interviews and low fidelity prototypes.

What else?

You can download my resume in pdf format or get in touch by email.

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