UX research

While working at Bilue, we've been asked by AMP to help them redesigning their current financial advising platform. Following the double diamond model, we defined then refined the key actions to be taken.

Discover and Define

To start, we organised a workshop with the AMP team in order to understand better what the platform was currently delivering, what their users were expecting from it and what was their overall feedback.

We decided to use Miro to organise our notes and findings as it was super useful to share constantly with our client and receive their perspectives.

Following this, we performed few interviews with their users through video call to pinpoint the different issues that would be detrimental to their usage of the platform on a daily basis. We conducted 2 rounds of interviews, one to collect feedback and a second one where we gave them tasks to perform with the aim of collecting metrics, which concluded our Discovery phase.

Develop and Deliver

As the website has a massive amount of information, we had to translate the current information architecture, or in that case sitemap, into a diagram to enable the team to visualise it, but also reshuffle it to lead to a brand new one.

We created and tested 2 prototypes and iterated until reaching a suitable outcome for both the interviewees and the internal stakeholders of AMP.

The final feedback were really positive, concluding this second phase on a good note while providing our client with a solid report of the next steps to be taken.

As this is still a work in progress and not launched yet, I cannot get too much into the details of our findings or adding images here.

Initial statement

  • AMP tasked Bilue in helping them elevating their financial platform
  • This platform is part of a restructuration of the AMP offer
  • Some users have mixed feelings about it, asking for a better UX
  • The website have an extensive amount of pages and information

Solution provided

  • Organised workshops with the AMP team to define our goals
  • User interviews with current users
  • Followed the Double Diamond Process Model
  • Creation of wireframes and prototypes
  • Prototyping and iterating until reaching a suitable outcome