Fujifilm X-pro 3 and the streets

Few months ago already, after quite a time under lockdown, I felt the need to reconnect with the outside. Being trapped at home, unable to do photography, I found myself watching a lot of street photographers wandering around various city across the globe.

Their mindset to take photo was very different from mine, they would simply point and shoot, barely editing and mostly trying to find an interesting composition or action. I, on the other hand, have been planning my photoshoot carefully, thinking about location, models, ideas. I felt like I was missing something in photography, something I was doing when I started: taking pictures of everything without worrying about the end usage.

I love doing portrait or landscape photography, but the process would at time, prevent me from taking my gear and walking around. Then, after some research, I end up buying the Fujifilm X-pro 3.

This is not a test review

I won’t pretend being a crack in hardcore hardware. Although I’ve been doing photography for quite a while, I believe you can do well with all sort of medium (should we talk about the latest iPhone 12?). I picked the X-pro 3 because it seemt minimalistic and I love the fact I couldn’t see the screen all the time. Very simple reason!

I also got myself a 27mm pancake lens so I could walk around lightly. Because, yes, I do like the compactness and the fact it doesn’t feel « threatening » for other people. You can point and shoot and people won’t really take you seriously, as if you were a super pro photographer (doesn’t mean you’re not).

So many footsteps

Since I got it, and since the end of lockdown here in Sydney (lucky us!), I’ve been walking so much! I feel like I renewed the way I see things, thinking more about the composition than before, more about the feel without considering too much the final outcome. Now, if I don’t like a photo I simply don’t import it. I end with very few images that I share, sometimes, on Unsplash for free.

I do believe approaching photography as a street photographer can only motivate you to look at your city again, and discover new places.

Already some great colours

Something that I love with Fuji: the colour presets.

It just feels so good to shoot with already a great set of filters and colours, without the need to post prod heavily. When I post, I mostly edit the contrast and maybe crop, but not much else.

There are 11 filters to choose from, and you can edit your settings on top of that, making each photo quite unique.

Although, I really wish to be able to update the filters by using one of the port. It would be great to have even more available and customise the camera a bit further.

Maybe not for you

I believe the X-pro 3 isn’t for everyone. You won’t see the photo you’ve taken straight away on your screen since you need to make the effort of flipping it etc. I believe they tried to make the experience as close as possible from analog camera, and it works for me!

This camera is quite a budget so I can’t recommend it to everyone, but if you want something compact and powerful with the analog / film vibe, go for it.

If you like the few photos here, feel free to download them on my Unsplash, there are even more to see!

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Posted on: 11/29/2020