HealthShare hired me while I was still living in France, but with the project of moving to Australia.

I firstly joined the Product Team as a Designer to be involved with our various projects and support them through Web, UI design but also some coding.

With the development of our products and our goals, the company decided to operate a total rebrand with the aim of achieving better communication.

Alongside the other designers, we have been creating a new visual identity based on the obround, a "pill shape" used across our services.

Because of my previous roles and skills, I started helping in promoting our offers by delivering print documents, videos, web landing pages, and other necessary items.

Today I operate within the marketing team to help HealthShare communicating around everything we can offer to the Australian health system.

Initial statement

  • HealthShare's main website was messy and outdated.
  • Each product had a different branding making our impact ineffective.
  • Years after years, new offers were developed for different audiences making the communication difficult.
  • A website portal has been set up in HubSpot but needed styling and custom built templates for blog articles, landing pages and newsletters.

Solution provided

  • Code and iterate various landing pages to test efficiency in HubSpot.
  • Send various newsletters on a regular basis to communicate to our clients.
  • Shot videos, produce short animation for our clients.
  • We designed the new branding in-house within a short timeframe, in order to be ready for important conferences.