HealthShare Digital has been a way for me to learn and use ReactJS. Before this project, I have been using this language only for building my current portfolio.

HSD is using Wordpress online as a way to edit content, however we decided to use GraphQL to fetch data from By using Advanced Custom Fields, we have been able to tailor the content depending where you are coming from.

This website offers a full admin allowing any user to write pages, blog posts, job descriptions, edit the bio of each members of the leadership team section, etc. It has been coded in order to make it easy for non-tech team mate to use.

Having to deal with a vast audience, this website gives clear information depending who you are and what you are looking for.

Being built using ReactJS, it guarantees a fast loading for each page.

On top on this website and in order to create quality content, we have been shooting different video about various topics. I have been filming and editing these videos using Premiere and After Effects:



SkillsReactJS, GraphQL, Less, Video