Leica M10-P (Reporter)

It has been now nearly a year since I purchased my first Leica.

As many photographers, I’ve always been dreaming about getting my hands onto one of these gems, probably since I started getting seriously into photography. I thought about getting a M10 few years ago when I wanted to get a new camera to replace my dear Canon 5D Mark II. However, at that time I didn’t have good enough finances to afford it and ended up getting the Sony A7RII, which was my first mirrorless and still is a trully great camera (although with its issues).

You may know, as I posted it few month (or a year already) ago, that I purchased a Fujifilm Xpro3 after our first lockdown here in Sydney. As I was saying, I was after a compact camera with great performance that I could carry around in order to, maybe, start doing some street photography.

I really enjoy(ed) the Fuji, it compact, well built and produce vibrant pictures. Although, I was always conflicted between taking my Sony, slightly bigger, and that camera. The Sony has been my dedicated camera for portraiture, thanks to the set of lens I already owned, and the fact it’s a full frame sensor inside (which helps with creamy bokeh). On the other hand, the Fuji was great to simply grab and walk around, but the APS-C sensor was discouraging me to do portrait with it (which I mostly do). I was torn!

I wanted something full-frame that was compact enough.

I went one day to a camera shop, DigiDirect to look for a new lens to make more use of my Fujifilm. I tried the 16mm which was amazing, but while discussing with the shop assistant, he told me one of his customers recently sold all his gears to go fully with Leica, just after trying one. At the time I joked saying it was a crazy move and that it was too expensive for me, but to be honest, that thought kept haunting me.


At this time, I was working a lot, cumulating « 3 » jobs and I realised I had enough money to start considering the idea of owning a Leica. Honestly, considering it was already a step too far and once I began doing some calculations, it was too late, I envisioned which model I would get and which lens.

I went to see one of my friend who works at Leica Sydney to get some advice and he finished me up, I was convinced: I would buy the M10-P reporter edition as it was one of the last in Australia, with a 50mm summilux 1.4 because that’s my favourite focal lens.

I’m not going to lie, it was a huge blow to my finances but what a wonderful object! I can’t praise enough the design of that camera, simply holding it makes me willing to shoot more. I shouldn’t be too materialistic but the built, the colours, the very silent shutter speed are all amazing features. I was however not used to a rangefinder camera. It took me a bit of time to get used to do manual focusing again and during some portrait sessions, I messed up a lot between this and the inability to see exactly my framing, as it is the case with any mirrorless.


But, why using such a camera then? Its features are outdated (I mean, it’s a 24mp while the Sony is around 42mp), you can’t see what you shoot as you do with a mirrorless or even a DSLR, focus can be challenging at times and takes a lot of practice (and it gets harder with a 90mm). Despite all of this, I don’t use any other camera anymore… I still play a bit with the Fujifilm because I enjoy the film simulations, but my poor Sony has been left out for a while now. I keep buying lenses to complete my range of optics, I shoot almost every weekend, I’m just feeling happy about taking photos with it.

The colour engineering coupled with the amazing lenses give me sensational results, I don’t even want to edit my photos anymore as it’s almost perfect out of the camera. I don’t even think I miss autofocus or anything else really (or am I trying to convince myself?), I do feel like taking more time to study what I am taking in photo, it’s like slowing down in a photo rush to carefully consider what I am doing.

I would recommend buying Leica if you can afford and enjoy the colours as much as I do, while being considerate about the weight you’re carrying when walking around. However, I wouldn’t say it is for everyone, it’s definitelly a camera for snhobbyists, but clicking the shutter makes me appreciate each photo.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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Posted on: 3/17/2022