MedicalDirector has been one of my regular client for the past 2 years. As the marketing team needed to develop the way they interact with client, they asked me to set up a website allowing them to upload their video content, sourcing from their Vimeo account.

They wanted a netflix like website which would be easy to administrate on their own, without the need for me to add content manually. Along with one of their stakeholder in charge of IT, we decided to set up a website from scratch, using ReactJS and sourcing from their content management system.

As they already used Vimeo for their content, we aimed to match the videos uploaded there with pages from their current CMS.

This website allow them to create video and categories, to order them by episodes when needed, and share easily with their audience.

Initial statement

  • MedicalDirector aimed to develop their audience
  • Therefore, it needed a place to showcase its health-related video content

Solution provided

  • Developed a platform where the team can upload and manage video content
  • The website was created from scratch using ReactJS