UI DesignIllustration

For a year, I have been working within the Telstra Enterprise team on various projects, from illustrations to component building with a bit of demo coding to improve the existing code base and making content manager's life easier with entering information.

I have been tasked with creating various illustrations for the different pages of the website, between the Enterprise section but also for the International operations. For this, I had to follow the brand guidelines but most ressources were available for Illustrator rather than Sketch, which is the tool used for designing components.

Illustrating sceneries would require to often use similar elements with different branding (Each section of the business has distinctive colours), and after concerting with one of my colleague, I decided to create a library on Sketch from scratch for the sole purpose of producing illustrations faster.

The reason for using Sketch was first, to reuse and mix different models, but also to ensure the each path would fall on solid pixel values in order to give us the ability to export neat SVGs.

Aside from the creation of that library, I contributed to various elements for the Design System library managed by a specific team internal to Telstra. This team is doing awesome work and focusing heavily on accessibility, ensuring each new component or layout is perfectly usable by everyone.